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Last updated:
page content on November 30, 2009.

Technical Support

The built‑in help system in Radio Explorer aims to provide answers to most common technical questions about Radio Explorer. If you would like to get additional assistance, please send e‑mail to support(at)

If you have encountered a problem in Radio Explorer, please check if it has already been documented at the Known Issues page.

Check the version of Radio Explorer. To find it out, on the Help menu, click About Radio Explorer About Radio Explorer. In the About dialog box, select the first tab, titled Splash. The version number is located under the Radio Explorer title at the top of tab area. If the version of Radio Explorer installed on your machine is not the latest version as indicated at the top of this page, upgrade Radio Explorer (from the distribution zip archive file or via Java Web Start).

Check Java software installed on your machine. Go to the installation verification page of, the consumer site for Java software, and verify that you have the recommended version. If it is not so, then either update Java software to the recommended version, or perform a clean installation of the recommended version, as described in the Java Software section of the System Requirements page. Go to the work test page of, and verify that Java software works correctly on your machine.

If the problem persists, please consult the built‑in help system in Radio Explorer. If the problem is not described as intended behavior (a feature) in the help system, please send e‑mail to support(at) Try to include the following information with your message:

  • The version of Radio Explorer.

  • Listing of system properties of Java software. This is optional and can be omitted, if you wish to keep information about your Java environment private. While in the About dialog box, select the last tab, titled System Info. Click Copy to Clipboard Copy to Clipboard at the bottom of the tab area. Open your favorite text editor, on the Edit menu in the editor, click Paste. The data from the tab should appear in the editor window. On the File menu in the editor, click Save or Save As… to save the resulting file. Attach the saved file to your message.

  • If the problem is related to a particular schedule file, which is available on the Internet, provide a link to the file. If it is an older file, which is no longer available on the Internet, or a custom file, attach the file to your message or compress the file into a zip archive and attach the archive.

  • If the problem results in Radio Explorer bringing up the Problem Detected dialog box, please include the problem log with your message. When the dialog box is displayed, click the Show Details button at the bottom left of the dialog box. Click Copy to Clipboard Copy to Clipboard at the bottom of the newly expanded area to copy the problem log into the Clipboard. Save the contents of the Clipboard to a file, following similar directions as with the listing of system properties of Java software as described above. Attach the saved file to your message.

  • Provide a description of the problem, listing steps that should be taken to reproduce the problem.

In the case if you have questions about ordering, payment, or shipping procedures, please visit the Customer Care Center page.