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Last updated:
page content on January 5, 2010.

Known Issues

This page lists non‑minor problems present in the current version of Radio Explorer.

Transmitter location info for EiBi schedules is not always displayed correctly

Description: Radio Explorer interprets transmitter location info in EiBi schedules incorrectly in some cases.
Workaround: If it is necessary to have correct info about a transmitter location for EiBi schedules, please verify the info displayed by Radio Explorer by checking directly with EiBi schedule files, bc-###.txt and README.TXT.
Resolution: Modification of the program is necessary.

Printing a help topic does not work

Description: Radio Explorer freezes when printing a help topic.
Workaround: Download the Radio Explorer distribution zip archive file and extract the file RadioExplorer.jar from it. Rename the file RadioExplorer.jar to Open the zip archive file and go to the subfolder resources/help/pages in this zip archive file. Extract the folder pages to some location on your hard drive. In the folder pages you will find many HTML files. Each file is a help topic. Locate the topic you would like to print, and open the HTML file that corresponds to the topic, in a Web browser. You can now print the help topic from the Web browser.
Resolution: Modification of the program is necessary.