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page content on April 18, 2016.

Background Info

Rewiring the Mind, a series on the history of broadcasting by Dr David Hendy, media historian of the University of Westminster. Aired on BBC Radio 3 and reviewed in The Spectator.

Grigoriy Danskoy, music and verses

Books by Victor Pelevin, including Hermit and Sixfinger and The Life of Insects (solo‐performance by Serguey Makovetskiy, sound by Andrey Popov)

The play Duck Hunting by Alexander Vampilov

Philosophy of Yuriy Mamleyev

Books by Konstantin Paustovskiy, including The Story of a Life

Films by Andrey Tarkovskiy, including Stalker and Andrey Roublyov

Science fiction and society fiction by the Strugatskiy brothers

Cybernetics fiction by Stanisław Lem

Music and verses by Nautilus Pompilius, including the album Titanic

Books by Rustam Rakhmatullin, including Two Moscows, or Metaphysics of the Metropolis

Books by the actress Elena Koreneva

Evgueniy Klyachkin, music and verses

Music albums by Today in the World (formed by the members of Leap Year), including the album Novella Matveyeva Songs

Books by Antoine de Saint‑Exupéry, including Wind, Sand and Stars (Terre des hommes) and Flight to Arras (Pilote de guerre)

Films by Otar Ioseliani, including Farewell, Home Sweet Home (a.k.a. Adieu, plancher des vaches!)

Books by George Orwell, including Animal Farm and 1984

Ecological information by Global Footprint Network