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Version 2.7.7
Listen to the World Around You


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Last updated:
page content on June 10, 2011.


At your option, you can follow one of the two available ways to install Radio Explorer:

  • Download the distribution zip archive file in a conventional way. You will be able to install Radio Explorer on as many machines as you want using the downloaded archive file. Further access to the Web will not be required. Please see below for download links and for installation information.

  • Use One-click installation — Java Web Start. Radio Explorer will be installed automatically after you click the Radio Explorer Web Start link on the Web Start page. Further Radio Explorer upgrades will also be installed automatically when they are available. To install Radio Explorer on another machine, you will need to repeat the Web Start process.

Download Radio Explorer using this direct link to the distribution zip archive file.

Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, other 1,108 KB

Read about the System Requirements, in particular about Java software, which provides resources for running Radio Explorer.

The description of installation steps is available at the Installation page. For short usage instructions, see the Quick Start page.

Upon installation, Radio Explorer will run in the evaluation mode. In that mode, data export functions such as printing, copying table data to clipboard, and transferring table data via drag‐and‐drop, are disabled. Radio Explorer will ask for a registration code after 21 days since the first start or after 14 uses, whichever comes first, in order to continue running.

To enable the full mode, please register Radio Explorer at the Registration page.

Note that by downloading, installing, and using Radio Explorer you agree to the User License Agreement.