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Last updated:
page content on June 21, 2014.


June 21, 2014
Free Use

Radio Explorer is available for free use. You can find free registration information at the Register page. Source code will also eventually be made available under a free and open source license.

June 10, 2011
Version 2.7.7 Release

This version provides correction for the problem with display of station labels for radio stations with very long names, such as Fiangonana Loterana Malagasy (Malagasy Lutheran Church - Radio Feon'ny Filazantsara) in HFCC schedules, on the time chart. The problem was that the station label was not positioned properly.

This version has been tested on the latest version of Ubuntu Linux operating system, namely on the version 11.04, which was released in April 2011.

January 19, 2011
Version 2.7.6 Release

This version provides correction for two problems with the display of information about transmitter locations for EiBi schedules. The first problem was that information was not displayed for countries with ITU country codes preceding AFS (the code for the Republic of South Africa) in the alphabetical order. The second problem was that a colon character (:) was sometimes displayed at the end of some transmitter location names.

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