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Last updated:
page content on October 19, 2011.

Quick Start

  1. Launch Radio Explorer.

    • If you installed Radio Explorer from the downloaded distribution zip archive file as described at the installation page, use these instructions:

      On Windows, start the RadioExplorer.bat batch command file.

      On other operating systems, start the script file. Please note that you may have to edit the script file and specify the full path to the java program.

    • If you installed Radio Explorer via Java Web Start, then click the Radio Explorer Web Start link on the Web Start page, or, if Java Web Start created a desktop shortcut for Radio Explorer, use the shortcut.

  2. Select the interface language. On the View menu, point to Language and select one of the available languages.

  3. Open a schedule file. Click Open… Open… on the toolbar or on the File menu. Select a schedule file in the Open File dialog box and click OK.

  4. Adjust user settings. On the Tools menu, click Options… Options… In the Options dialog box, select the User Information tab. Enter the name of your home area (for example, Europe), your CIRAF zone number, and your geographical coordinates. See the CIRAF zone reference page to find out what zone your home location is in. For the coordinates, follow the format of 000°00'E, 00°00'N.

  5. Query the schedule. Specify criteria for querying the schedule in the Query toolbar. For the time parameter, you can select Now from the Time combo box menu. You can specify multiple languages, separating them with commas. For the target parameter, you can select Home from the Target combo box menu. In that case Radio Explorer will use the home area value or the CIRAF zone value that you entered in the Options dialog box. Click Query Query on the Tools menu to query the schedule with the criteria you have specified.

  6. When you exit Radio Explorer, changes to the settings that you have made will be saved automatically. The settings will be restored when you start Radio Explorer the next time.