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page content on June 27, 2014.

Radio Explorer displays shortwave radio broadcast schedules so that you can tune in to on‑air international stations and listen to the world around you.

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What is different about shortwave radio

Shortwave radio is a medium with its own distinctive characteristics, very different from other media.

Simple universal communication

With shortwave radio, it is possible to communicate from any place on Earth to any other place on Earth with a minimum of technology. So, if a sender has a message to tell, and a listener wants to receive the message, they can do that. There is no need for complex hardware and software, or for complex infrastructure. Shortwave radio is beautifully simple.


Shortwave radio presents a panorama of various nations and cultures. It helps better understand and appreciate both the foreign cultures, and one’s own culture.

Direct contact

With shortwave radio, you listen to other nations directly, with no intermediary in between. So their message is not framed into any kind of context that could skew or alter the message.

Focus on meaning

A picture may be worth a thousand words when describing something. But a word may be worth a thousand pictures when explaining it. Radio’s speech‐oriented nature makes it well‐suited for explaining things.


In some countries, including the one with the largest population, all media are censored. But it is hard to censor shortwave radio. The jamming that those countries conduct usually covers the larger cities, and moving some distance away from the cities allows to receive broadcasts again. Shortwave radio protects the freedom of information.


With conventional radio, what one listens to is a private matter of the listener. This is different from the internet, where every bit of activity can be logged, sometimes by many parties.


Because no infrastructure is necessary for shortwave radio, it continues to work when other means of communication may have failed. Shortwave radio is used during and after the major natural disasters.

What Radio Explorer is about

Radio Explorer is software for people who like listening to shortwave radio.

Its aim is to provide a prompt and accurate index into shortwave radio stations and their broadcast information. It is made to that goal, and has a well‐defined scope. It is especially effective at finding stations that broadcast to your locality. The sources of information that Radio Explorer is compatible with are regularly updated.

It is not necessary to be a radio engineer or a computer programmer in order to use Radio Explorer. A teenager can use it. And although shortwave listening appears to be mostly a men’s pursuit and pastime, women use Radio Explorer too.

Enjoy shortwave radio during your summer vacations, when yachting, or in the countryside with no internet connectivity. Leave Radio Explorer running on your computer’s desktop, and periodically check with it to switch from one interesting radio station to another. Radio Explorer is an inexpensive but very useful accessory to your shortwave radio receiver.